Feb17 & 18‘20


    Night is a costume-themed event where you can engage in games, quizzes, spell fights and a lot more fun, based off of the Harry Potter series. More like a Harry Potter themed party, dress up as any character from the series (why, you can even show up as a Dementor) and participate in games like Quidditch and drink Butter Beer from Three Broomsticks outside Platform 9 3/4.


  • Pin the Glasses on Harry : Blindfold the participant and let him or her put the glasses on Harry Potter’s face which is printed out, sans the glasses.
  • Table Quidditch : In this, make three hoops like the quidditch and place glasses on either side. The first to get balls into all the glasses wins.
  • Spell - Master : Give a huggee amount of spells in limited time
  • Guess the artifact : Should guess what artifact it is just by reading the clues and guessing.
  • Heads - up (Harry Potter version) : Played in teams of two. One of them should enact the character whose picture will be held by the other player.
  • Dueling club : Use spells on each other until the other one is either dead or not in the state to continue any longer.
  • Expecto Patronum : Hang a dementor and let them beat it till it is… On the ground.
  • Polyjuice-d : Let the participant step into the shoes of character and let him or her and change it in their way.
  • Guess it : Put a bunch of alphabets in a sand box or some sort of thing. Get those alphabets out and arrange them into spells or characters.


Language : English / Hindi / Telugu

Duration : 2 hours

Venue : Mama Hub

In-charge : Mythri Shivakumar

Contact : +91 7330605714